1. Available to purchase. Email me at perspicere2012@gmail.com for details.

  2. Some new thread works available to buy. Email me at perspicere2012@gmail.com for details

  3. New piece of work on the street in Walthamstow Village. A ton of nails, miles of thread and a bit of cramp in my wrist.


  4. spinning mobile thread piece.


  5. One off piece available to buy!

    I painted this piece on the street about 2 years ago, it got covered in pasteups and stickers over time. I started working in the building that this was on and one day someone ripped all the pasteups off and this reappeared so I took it down and framed it! Been on the street for 2 years, covered for 18 months and now back again!

    Stencil and random paste ups & stickers on a Perspex mirror.
    Email perspicere2012@gmail.com for purchase information.

  6. Layers and layers and layers of black and white thread. Piece in progress.

  7. New work.

    55” x 33”
    Two colours of thread and nails on wood

    For sale enquiries contact - perspicere2012@gmail.com

  8. New work

    55” x 33”
    Black and white thread and nails on wood.

    Price on request.

  9. Been working on a street collaboration with the amazingly talented Tommy Fiendish. This is after day two. More to come.

    Also looking for some blank walls that could take a thread piece on, on the street legally, know anyone/anywhere drop me an email Perspicere2012@gmail.com

  10. New thread piece on a log slice. For sale email Perspicere2012@gmail.com

  11. Perspicere2012@gmail.com

  12. Thread heart in Shoreditch.

  13. New thread street piece. The thread was thin black but turned thick and white after 5minutes due to frost.

  14. Thread installation on the street.


  15. Illustration.